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Quality Oven & Stove Repairs

Whether you’re looking for oven repairs or repairs for your gas stove, BA Appliance Repair can help. Our technicians are appliance repair experts who you can trust for repairs on top appliance brands like GE, Kenmore and Samsung. We’ve repaired thousands of flat top, ovens, countertop and glass top stoves and ranges. Whether your gas burners won’t light or your electric burners aren’t heating or your oven won’t preheat, we’ll provide the best local stove and range service technicians in the business.

If your problems aren’t with the oven, stove, range or cooktop, contact a BA technician for oven repair or range hood repair. If your kitchen appliances aren’t needing a repair, but simply a tune-up or inspection, schedule stove, oven and range maintenance with our technicians today.

What are some common problems with ovens and stove tops that need repair?
  • Won’t work
  • Won’t heat
  • Doesn’t heat consistently
  • Won’t broil
  • Self cleaning feature won’t work
  • Gets too hot on the outside
  • Door won’t close correctly
  • Burners won’t work
  • Smells of gas
  • All other general performance issues.

Expert Technicians

Every one of our friendly, knowledgeable technicians can help you with any of the following along with many other services not listed:

  • Element and Burner Replacement
  • Timer and Electronic Control Replacement
  • Door Repair or Replacement
  • Thermostat and Defrost Thermostat Replacement
  • Gas Ignitor Replacement
  • Switch Replacement
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Temperature Sensor Replacement
  • Motor Replacement
  • Cooktop Repair or Replacement
DIY Quick Fixes: Oven & Stove Repairs

If your oven won't turn on...

  1. Check that the power cord hasn’t been unplugged by mistake.
  2. Make sure that it’s receiving power: * Reset the oven’s circuit breaker by turning it to the off position, waiting 30 seconds, and then moving it back to the on position. * If your home has fuses instead of circuit breakers, make sure that the fuses are tightened securely and replace any that have blown. If they are not blown, unscrew the fuses that supply the oven, wait 30 seconds, and then screw them back in.
  3. If you have a gas oven, make sure that gas is running to it: * Try turning on one of the surface burners (if wall oven, try the broil burner). If the burner lights then there is gas coming to the unit. * If the burner does not light, check that the main gas shut off valve is in the ‘ON’ position. (It’s usually located behind the oven.)
  4. Some ovens require the clock to be set in order to start—ensure your clock is set and then try turning it on again.

If your oven takes a long time to preheat...

  1. Be sure you are waiting long enough—it can take from 15 to 20 minutes to heat the oven to 350°F.
  2. Keep the door closed during preheat to minimize the time required.
  3. If your oven has a hidden heat element (where the heating element is hidden under the floor of the oven), it may take longer to preheat.
  4. If you have any large items (like baking stones) in the oven, it will take longer to preheat.
  5. Remove any aluminum foil that is being used to line the oven racks or the bottom. Foil can have a significant impact on preheating time and may affect cooking performance.

If your oven door won't unlock...

  1. Wait for the oven to cool down completely after a self-clean cycle. The door can stay locked for up to an hour while it returns to a safe temperature. If it does not unlock after cooling down, try resetting the self-cycle: * Start the self-clean cycle again. * Wait until the lock motor stops running (about 15 seconds). * Cancel the self-clean cycle. * Wait for the lock motor to stop running again (another 15 seconds) and then try opening the door.
  2. Check the display and deactivate the lock-out feature if it is activated. To do this for most models: * Press and hold the Stop/Clear or Clear/Off button for 3 seconds. * A beep will sound and the lock-out indicator will flash until the door is completely unlocked. * Wait until the lock-out indicator stops flashing before trying to open the door so that you do not damage the latch.
  3. If it has a manual lock that is stuck in the locked position, wait until the oven is completely cool and then: * Put your hand on the door handle. * Press on the oven door firmly enough to release the tension. * While pressing on the door, move the lock to the unlocked position. NOTE: The lever should move easily—do NOT force it!

If you can't set the temperature over 287°...

The maximum allowed oven temperature is usually 550°F or 287°C. If you cannot select a temperature above 287°, it’s likely that your oven’s display controls are likely set to Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. Check your owner’s manual for instructions on changing the controls to Fahrenheit.

If your gas range won’t light...

  1. The cause could be a burner clogged up with a spill. If the flow of gas is restricted, the igniter can’t light the gas to produce the flame.
  2. A qualified technician can check for loose connections in the igniter electrode and safely clean the burner holes. If your gas range still won’t light after the burner and igniter are both cleaned, it might require replacement of the igniter or the igniter control module. The igniter control module is usually located on the back of the range or below the control panel.

If your electric stove top isn’t working...

Your technician will establish whether the fault is with the coil, the burner socket or the infinite switch. While the coil or burner can be repaired, a broken infinite switch may mean you need to replace your stove.

If your gas stove igniter isn’t clicking...

An experienced technician can establish which gas burner has the problem by listening for the click of the igniter when each knob is turned. If a clicking sound is not heard when the burner knob is turned, the cause may be a wire that has become detached between the igniter and the control module. If the wires are attached and the igniter doesn’t spark, the igniter is likely faulty and will need to be replaced.